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12.2 - College of Allied Health Student Handbook

Students are also required to adhere to the College of Allied Health (CAH) Student Handbook. This handbook includes:

College History

Academic Integrity & Standards

Academic & Professional Progress Policies

  • Professional performance and behavior
  • Sanctions for professional misconduct
  • Academic appeals
    • Academic appeal process
    • General guidelines
      • Student guidelines
      • Faculty guidelines
    • Flowchart

General College & University Policies

Student Computing Information

Student Awards and Honors

Campus Services, Requirements, and Resources

Tuition and Fee Information


Student Organizations

  • College of Allied Health Student Association Bylaws
  • OUHSC Student Government Association Constitution
  • OUHSC Student Government Association Senate Bylaws
  • OU-Tulsa Student Government Association Constitution

College of Allied Health Administrative Offices

Finding Answers to Your Questions

College of Allied Health Academic Calendar

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