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The Department of Nutritional Sciences is located on the third floor of the College of Allied Health, 1200 N. Stonewall, Oklahoma City, OK, in suite 3057. Faculty members and Departmental Office Staff are located in this suite. In addition, the food sciences laboratory is on the third floor, room 3055. The Department mailing address is:

Department of Nutritional Sciences
College of Allied Health
PO Box 26901, AHB 3057
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0901

The physical address is:
Department of Nutritional Sciences
College of Allied Health
1200 North Stonewall, AHB 3057
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Messages for faculty may be given to the Department Staff to be placed in the respective faculty mailbox.

The telephones in the Department Office are business phones and not for student use, except in case of emergency. Faculty phones are not to be used by students without direct authorization from the respective faculty member.

The Department maintains equipment and visual aids, which can be utilized by the students when needed for class presentations, etc. All such equipment should be checked out from the Departmental Staff.

Student lockers (located on the second floor) are available on a first-come-first-served basis and are checked out through the Office of Academic and Student Affairs in room 1009.  Students are responsible for any items placed in their lockers and each should provide some type of lock. 

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