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The zero grade indicates a serious deficiency in professional responsibilities, or adherence to policies of the Department, practicum facility, and/or coursework. This may include but is not limited to policies relating to attendance, appearance, conduct, paperwork (e.g., time sheets, performance evaluations, medical records, etc.), patient care, supervision, supervised hours preparation (e.g., health forms, CPR, etc.), respect of facility policies and procedures, and relationships with facility supervisors, other professionals, peers, staff, and faculty. Students who receive zero grade in a course are also subject to the Student Professional Behavior in an Academic Program policy (see below).

The course instructor is responsible for assigning zero grades and for informing the student of zero grades.  The specific reasons for assigning a zero grade are outlined in the course guidelines for all courses and will be carefully reviewed by the course instructor/coordinator on the first day of class. Zero grades impact the final grade in courses as follows:

  • One zero grade results in the reduction of final course grade by one letter grade.
  • Two zero grades results in the reduction of final course grade by two letter grades.

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