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In order to promote professionalism and protect privacy, dietetic students are not to post photos, comments, or any course-related material of OU faculty, students, clinical personnel or patients to web-based social media sites such as, but not limited to, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, or blog sites, without the person’s written permission. Students should be especially careful of discussing any information protected by HIPAA. In addition, no student shall supply or forward photos, comments, or other web-based materials to anyone for posting on any web-based communication sites, without that person’s written consent. Any student found to have posted, supplied or forwarded materials for postings used on web-based communication sites without written permission of said persons may be dismissed from the program. The original written permission must be filed with the Department. In addition, OUHSC students may not post objectionable photos or use inappropriate language on social media while a student in the CPMA.

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