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In order to ensure that students are retaining knowledge from classes and practicums, are able to demonstrate critical thinking and are on track to be successful in passing the national registry exam, a mid-program competency examination will be given as noted on the curriculum. The exam covers all department course work presented up to that point in the program. Students must answer 70% of the questions correctly to progress in the program. Students not passing will take a new version of the exam after a one-week study period. Students that do not pass the exam on the second attempt will take a new version of the exam after a one-week study period. Any student not passing the exam on the third attempt will be referred to the Academic Progress Committee to determine appropriate action, up to and including the option that the student is dismissed from the program. This exam is not a part of any course grade.

Purpose and Composition of the Exam – There will be a total of 140 questions from all the material you have had thus far in the program. The purpose of the exam is to evaluate whether you are able to integrate and apply what you have learned thus far in the prerequisites and courses you have had in the program. For example, the Introduction to Nutrition material has been reviewed and applied in multiple courses. There may be questions related to human physiology that was reviewed or applied in MNT or Nutritional Assessment, or microbiology as reviewed and applied in your practicums.

Who Writes the Exam – A team of three or more faculty who have taught the courses you have taken during the last three semesters will compile the exam. Each team member will evaluate the exam for face validity by taking the test to determine the extent to which it is subjectively viewed as covering the concepts it is designed to measure. A minimum of two of the faculty will check each question for content validity. This means they are considered recognized subject matter experts and are able to evaluate whether the question assesses the defined content as per the RD Study Outline provided by Commission on Dietetic Registration.

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