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If bad weather develops while the student is at school, official notice of closing and cancellation of classes is valid only when originating from the Provost’s Office, to the Office of the Dean, and subsequently through the Department. This notice is communicated to students in classes and clinical facilities as soon as it is received.

If the student is involved in patient care activities in hospitals or clinics at the time a weather closing occurs, students are expected to mirror preceptors in attendance. If the facility is open and the student is assigned to be there, he or she is expected to report for duty and complete tasks as assigned. Under no condition should students abruptly leave clinical facilities as this may compromise the care of patients and leave a poor impression with the clinical staff of the facility. Even if the university is closed by order of the Provost, students are expected to report to the rotation. In the event the student cannot get to the site, he or she must do the following:

  1. Call the preceptor (do not email). On the first day at the site you should ask for a number at which to call them.
  2. Call the Clinical Coordinator and course instructor to let them know that you have called the preceptor and received approval to either be absent or come in late.
  3. Let the Clinical Coordinator and course faculty know whether you want to take a personal day or what the plan is to make up the hours if you will be late or have an approved absence.

In the event that the clinical facility in which the student is working closes, and the College does not, the student is not excused from attending classes or clinical activities for that day. The student must contact the Clinical Coordinator or course faculty immediately for instructions regarding alternate clinical education activities (e.g., temporary move to another site) or making up missed time.

If hazardous weather develops while at home, information regarding the closing of the Health Sciences Center and cancellation of classes is available via the news media. If the student fails to gain

information by this means, call the OUHSC number for hazardous weather information at 271-6499 (the line is often busy, so redial several times).

If the student fails to report to their location because of hazardous weather, the absence will not be excused and they may receive a zero grade as per the course syllabus. The student is required to contact the clinical facility preceptor, Clinical Coordinator and course faculty to inform them of the intended absence. If you cannot speak to the faculty or supervisor directly, leave a specific message with the time, date, message, and phone number where the student can be reached. If a student does not follow the policy, they can expect a professional concerns report.

NOTE: You must always follow the course syllabus. Contact the course faculty if you are in doubt about what to do in case of bad weather.

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