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Faculty are full-time university employees who deliver the didactic education required by the CPMA. In addition, they may conduct research, engage in scholarly activities and/or professional practice, direct programs and provide service to the university, College of Allied Health, community and professional organizations. A primary objective of each faculty member is to guide the student in the pursuit of advanced knowledge. Each faculty member is interested in you as an individual and looks forward to assisting you in your professional growth. Students should make appointments or observe office hours as listed in course syllabi. A student who repeatedly has difficulty contacting a faculty member may notify the Chairperson. Address each faculty member as either “Professor…” or “Doctor…” as appropriate.

Adjunct faculty are individuals who are employed part-time as instructors. 

Staff in the department and college are highly valued team members. If a staff member asks you for to provide something (such as an immunization record, verification of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, etc.) or gives you instructions in person, on the phone or in an email message, you are expected to respond immediately. This includes both departmental staff and others in the College, including the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

Preceptors are responsible for your professional training during the supervised practice rotations. You must treat these volunteers with the same respect you are expected to show faculty and staff. If you have any concern about a preceptor, contact the program director and/or clinical coordinator immediately. Unless the preceptor gives you permission to use their first name, address them as Mr. or Ms.

Failure to show respect to faculty, staff and preceptors will result in a professional concerns report.

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